Membership Initiation Fee Special!
$600 for either program ($500 initiation for JCP residents)

Champions Membership
Play unlimited golf seven days a week........This membership is for the golf purist who wants to play golf on weekends & holidays.  Cart fee of $16.00 per member per 18 holes.

Initiation:  $1,500                  Monthly Dues (Family):  $205              Monthly Dues (Single):  $160

Laurel Club Membership 
Play unlimited golf weekdays (Mon. to Fri.)............This membership is for the golfer who is looking for a great value and weekend play is not essential.  Cart Fee of $16.00 per member per 18 holes

Initiation:  $600                    Monthly Dues (Family):  $140              Monthly Dues (Single):  $110

Affiliate Membership 
Special Weekday Fee:  $25; Weekends: $30....This program is perfect for the infrequent golfer who enjoys selected member privileges.  The golfer has a lower monthly fee and receives a discount on the regular green fee.  Affiliate members do not have walking or charge account privileges.  Tee times can be booked 3 weeks in advance.

Initiation: $99                    Monthly Dues (Single):  $60

Additional Annual Services Fee

Driving Range Club:  $450 for Single / $600  for Family

Locker Rentals:  $50 

Handicap Services:  $25 

Extended Family*:  $75    

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